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Evolution Karate Academy - Policy for Safe Practice 

This policy provides guidelines that are intended to create a safe training environment for all students. 

Evolution Karate Academy considers that it’s student’s welfare should always come first. 

Safeguarding and Child Protection are covered in a separate policy. 

Parents/Carers are always welcome and in fact invited to observe any/all sessions involving their child. This promotes good communication, an understanding of their child’s sport and protection for all Instructors, coaches and volunteers from false allegations. 

In order to provide a safe environment, Evolution Karate Academy will observe the following guidelines for the supervision of it’s students: 

  • Provide an adequate ratio of Instructors/Coaches 

  • Students will be made aware of any ‘out of bound’ areas 

  • A responsible adult will be placed near points of entry and exit to ensure no child leaves the premises unsupervised 

  • Site managers, and if necessary the police, will be informed of any suspicious characters loitering in the vicinity of our activities. 


To promote good, safe practice Evolution Karate Academy instructors, coaches and volunteers will observe the following guidelines: 

  • Ensure that all Information, Instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure health and safety will be provided 

  • Minimise the risk of accidents 

  • Ensure that at least one qualified first aider is present at all sessions 

  • Deal with any accidents promptly and effectively 

  • Record all accidents and record details of any treatment 

  • Provide and maintain safe facilities and equipment 

  • Regularly monitor equipment to ensure it is in good condition 

  • Inspect equipment for signs of wear and tear that may hinder it’s safe use 

  • Use equipment appropriately according to age and ability 

  • Instructors and coaches will be aware of any/all medical or special needs within student groups 

  • Place the well being and safety of students above the development of performance 

  • Ensure skills are taught in a safe, secure manner paying due regard to the physicality of Individual students 

  • Always make sure students are fit to train 

  • Try to match students for size and weight for sparring wherever possible 

  • Give children opportunities to think about safe practice in relation to themselves and their peers 

  • Take care with certain exercises, stretches and equipment. Always take into account age, grade and ability of students – one size does not fit all – differentiate activities accordingly 

  • Consider the potential outcomes of any activities 





(Last reviewed December 2023)

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