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Evolution Karate Academy - Code of Conduct for Instructors, Coaches and Volunteers 



As an Instructor, Coach or Volunteer within Evolution Karate Academy we expect you to: 

  • Implement our Safeguarding policy and procedures 

  • Report any concerns or allegations of abuse to our safeguarding officer 

  • Listen to any concerns that parents or young people have and relay them, without delay, to either the Chief Instructor or Welfare officer 

  • Consider your behaviour – Never engage in any behaviour that constitutes any form of bullying or abuse 

  • Respect your position of trust and maintain appropriate boundaries and relationships with students 

  • Keep any coaching and safeguarding training up to date 

  • Keep students in all sessions safe by supervising appropriately, using safe methods and techniques and by putting student’s safety first 

  • Ensure equipment is fit for purpose, safe to use and accessible 

  • Respect student’s rights and trust whilst being open and honest with them 

  • Champion everyone’s right to take part and celebrate difference and diversity within Evolution Karate Academy by not discriminating against any student, regardless of ability, gender, sexual orientation or race. 

  • Stop play if an injury occurs, administer minor first aid and call for help when necessary 

  • Use constructive and positive methods of developing student’s skills, without humiliating or harming them 

  • Challenge and address instances of poor, negative, aggressive or bullying behaviour 

  • Lead by example when it comes to good sportsmanship, positive behaviour and commitment to the sport 

  • Develop positive relationships with parents and catch up with them regularly about their child’s progress 

  • Make Evolution Karate Academy a friendly and welcoming place to be 


We expect our Instructors, Coaches and Volunteers to follow this code of conduct. 

If an Instructor, Coach or Volunteer behaves in a way that contradicts this code, we will address the problem straight away, aim to resolve the issue or take appropriate action. 

(Last Reviewed December 2023)

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