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Evolution Karate Academy - General Data Protection Regulation Policy 


Main Principles:

  • We will endeavour to ensure that all data collected will be processed lawfully, fairly and responsibly 

  • We will only retain data for as long as is necessary for the reasons collected 

  • We will collect only that which is necessary and keep it up to date and accurate 


Whose data will we hold: 

  • Karate student’s and next of Kin’s where applicable 

  • Student’s name, age, gender, address, allergies, injuries and medical conditions

  • Contact telephone numbers 

  • Details of emergency contacts – name, address, phone number and email addresses 


Data will be used by us for the following purposes: 

  • Emergency contact, should an individual fall ill or is injured whilst in our care. In these circumstances, we will need to notify the individuals assigned emergency contact or, if necessary, to do so, pass these details to relevant emergency services 

  • License renewal reminders, to ensure individuals maintain an in date license so that we meet insurance requirements and provide adequate cover should injury occur where a claim may be warranted 

  • Changes to lessons, cancelled lessons and to pass information regarding courses or competitions


Who has access to our database:

Only our Chief Instructor, Licensing Officer and Welfare officer have access to our database. 


Social Media:

We use social media and our website to promote ourselves, acknowledge successes and to advertise future events. Unless a student/ guardian stipulates against it, at times student’s names, photographs or video’s may appear on these sites. 

  • Our website

  • Our facebook page

  • Our Instagram page

  • Leaflets, flyers, banners and any other promotional item


Your Rights: 

It is the right of everyone to have their details removed at any time from our database. If any individual wishes to have their information removed they will need to notify our Chief instructor. 


Members Consent:

  • It is our aim that the personal data we hold will be accurate, kept up to date and if it is no longer accurate, will be rectified or erased. Personal data will only be stored for as long as is necessary. 

  • Personal data will be held in a safe secure way that takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of this information and avoid accidental loss, misuse or destruction 

  • Personal data will be updated annually, upon submission of individual’s, license applications and renewals 

  • Should a student leave our academy, we will endeavour to remove their personal data within three months. This allows the student time to return if they choose to do so 


Students/ Parent Carers Please complete the following: 

  1. I have read and understood the Evolution Karate Academy Data Protection Policy YES/NO 

  2. I agree to personal details, as stipulated, being held on the Evolution Karate Academy database YES/NO 

  3. I agree to Evolution Karate Academy contacting me by post, email or phone if necessary YES/NO 

  4. I agree to Evolution Karate Academy publicising my name / photograph and or video on social media YES/NO 

  5. I agree to Evolution Karate Academy publicising my name / photograph and or video on social media YES/NO 


I have found the Evolution Karate Academy Data Policy to be fair, understandable and that information gathered for the database will be used in what is construed to be a legal manner. I hereby authorise Evolution Karate Academy to hold my personal details on their database for the purpose hereby stipulated. 



Student’s Name 



Signature (Parent/Carer if student is under 18) 



Parent/Carer Name (If student is under 18) 




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