Evolution Karate Academy - Code of Conduct


As an Evolution Karate Academy student, we would like you to:


  • Keep yourself safe by always listening to your instructor/coach

  • When you are with us, inform someone if you have to go somewhere, do not just wonder off

  • Behave responsibly 

  • Let an instructor/coach know if something is not right

  • Take care of our premises and look after our equipment as if they were your own

  • Respect your instructor/coach/students and those that may visit from other clubs

  • Make our club a friendly and welcoming place to be

  • Be a good sport, win or lose, always be gracious

  • Have fun, but play by the rules

  • Respect and appreciate that all students have different levels of skill and talent

  • Never discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability

  • Report any type of bullying including homophobia or transphobia, even if you are just a witness to it



As an Evolution Karate Academy student, we understand you have a right to:


  • Enjoy your time with us and know you are always safe

  • Be listened to

  • Be advised who you can speak to if something is not right or you have a concern

  • Feel welcomed and valued and not judged on your gender, race, sexuality or ability

  • Be respected and treated fairly by all

  • Be encouraged

  • Develop skills with help from instructors/coaches/students

  • Be looked after in the event of an accident, if necessary a next of kin will be advised



We expect our students to follow our code of conduct. If a student behaves in a way, which contradicts any of, the points set out above, we will address this problem straight away and aim to resolve the issue with parental involvement.






(Last Reviewed December 2021)